The Clontarf Foundation exists to improve the education, discipline, self esteem, life skills and employment prospects of young Aboriginal men and by doing so, equip them to participate more meaningfully in society. Using the existing passion that Aboriginal boys have for football allows Clontarf to attract the boys to school and retain them.

his is not a sporting program – it’s about developing the values, skills and abilities that will assist the boys to transition into meaningful work and achieve better life outcomes.  Full time, locally-based Clontarf staff mentor and counsel students on a range of behavioural and lifestyle issues while the school caters for their educational needs.

“Upon completing school, graduates are guided by a specialist employment officer to find employment and settle in to the job. The mentoring and support provided by the Clontarf Foundation continues well beyond school.

With the support of our corporate partners and their employees, including the Transfield Foundation, Clontarf now caters for over 2,200 boys in 40 schools across WA, NT and Victoria.”

Gerard Neesham, Chief Executive Officer