Transfield Holdings Ends Trade Mark Agreement With Transfield Services

Feb 26, 2015

In February 2015 Transfield Holdings served Transfield Services (TSE) a notice of termination of the right to use the name ‘Transfield’ and the ‘T’ logo. Both trademarks had been licenced for use from Holdings since TSE’s listing in 2001. Under the terms of the license, TSE has 12 months to change the name and logo, and have advised that they would seek the approval of shareholders for a new name at their Annual General Meeting in October 2015.

Transfield Holdings listed its operations and maintenance division, Transfield Services on the Australian Stock exchange in 2001. From that time, until they stepped down in 2012, Transfield Holdings’ Directors, Luca and Guido Belgiorno-Nettis were also Directors of TSE. In addition, up until 2014, Transfield Holdings was a major shareholder in TSE. These changes in board representation and shareholding have led Transfield Holdings to end the Trade Mark licence agreement with TSE.