Transfield's Perth Concert Hall Wins Architectural Prize.

The Perth Concert Hall, designed by Howlett and Bailey Architects and built by SABEMO (a subsidiary of Transfield Construction) in 1973, has won the National institute of Architects National Award for Enduring Architecture. In awarding the prize, the Institute commented:

This category presented a challenge, not just because of the high standards of the entries. The decision involved weighing the question: what qualities does a truly "enduring" building need to have? The Perth Concert Hall of 1973, designed in the Brutalist style, was chosen for the uncompromising strength of its original conception "What appears to be quite a simple white off-form concrete post and beam construction is, upon closer inspection, understood as being completely innovative for 1973," hung from itself, creating enormous free spans and all from one beautifully poured material. Acoustically, the main auditorium hall is considered one of the best in Australia."

Jury Citation:
Given the very high quality of architecture in this category, the jury had a very difficult decision. The Perth Concert Hall is considered by the jury to be of outstanding merit with enduring national significance. The work structurally, acoustically, socially and commercially was at the forefront of design ingenuity at the time of construction, enduring in these aspects over the subsequent 43 years. The top hung structure and shoe-box partee designed with Don Fraser as structural engineer, and the board-marked concrete were both innovative in Western Australia at this time. This achievement in construction technology was recognised at the time with an award from the Concrete Institute of Australia for Excellence in Concrete Structures. Certainly the high level of workmanship and longevity of this material has added to greatly to this work enduring in a contemporary context. The level of technical advancement of acoustic design is another aspect still being appreciated in this outstanding work, by patrons and performers. Additional innovation in 1973 was the inclusion of artwork, along with the purpose designed organ and pipes. The exceptional level of integrity and authenticity of the original material, structure, and purpose firmly places this work at the forefront of Enduring Architecture.


1970. The Lord Mayor of Perth, ​Sir Thomas Edward Wardle, ​signs the contract for the construction of the Concert Hall.

The Hall Under Construction By SABEMO

The Hall Under Construction By SABEMO

Franco Belgiorno-Nettis Inspecting The Construction Of The Perth Concert Hall.

The Completed Concert Hall

General View Of TheHall


Construction of the Perth Concert Hall.

(Source: Transfield Milestones)



Transfield Holdings Ends Trade Mark Agreement With Transfield Services

In February 2015 Transfield Holdings served Transfield Services (TSE) a notice of termination of the right to use the name 'Transfield' and the 'T' logo. Both trademarks had been licenced for use from Holdings since TSE's listing in 2001. Under the terms of the license, TSE has 12 months to change the name and logo, and have advised that they would seek the approval of shareholders for a new name at their Annual General Meeting in October 2015.

Transfield Holdings listed its operations and maintenance division, Transfield Services on the Australian Stock exchange in 2001. From that time, until they stepped down in 2012, Transfield Holdings' Directors, Luca and Guido Belgiorno-Nettis were also Directors of TSE. In addition, up until 2014, Transfield Holdings was a major shareholder in TSE. These changes in board representation and shareholding have led Transfield Holdings to end the Trade Mark licence agreement with TSE.

Change in Direction for Transfield Holdings

2015 marks a significant change in direction for Transfield Holdings. Since its inception in 1956, the company has been the exclusive active business investment vehicle for the Belgiorno-Nettis family. Today, Luca and Guido Belgiorno-Nettis announce that they have decided to manage their business interests differently: Transfield Holdings will be just one of the vehicles for their respective investment activities in the future.

This decision has been informed by broader family succession planning considerations, as well as the increase in liquidity following Transfield Holdings’ exit from a number of mature businesses.

As from today, the ongoing activities of Transfield Holdings will be overseen by Luca and Guido Belgiorno-Nettis as Managing Directors. Existing investments, such as Sydney Harbour Tunnel, Perisher and Novatec Solar will be managed by a small core team reporting to Luca and Guido Belgiorno-Nettis. Future investment opportunities considered appropriate for Transfield Holdings will be assessed by each of the Managing Director’s respective advisors and the core Transfield Holdings team.

On making this announcement, Luca and Guido Belgiorno-Nettis acknowledge the extraordinary individual contributions of all of Transfield Holdings’ talented and dedicated staff and advisors, both past and present. They particularly wish to acknowledge Nicholas James for his tireless efforts over the last nine years, firstly as CFO and more recently as CEO.

Finally, Luca and Guido Belgiorno-Nettis' thanks go to the Transfield Holdings Advisory Board, David Gonski, Glenn Fraser and Michael Carapiet, as well as Family Council advisor Jon Isaacs, for their invaluable advice.

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Transfield Holdings Sells its Shareholding in Transfield Services

Transfield Holdings today sold all of its 11.3% holding in Transfield Services (ASX: TSE). At the same time, 0.4% of TSE which was owned by the Belgiorno-Nettis family and associated holdings was also sold. These sales were transacted by way of an underwritten sale to a range of institutional investors.

This decision was taken following a strategic review of Transfield Holdings’ current investment portfolio and is in line with objectives to increase diversification and liquidity.

Transfield Holdings has been a shareholder of TSE since listing on the ASX in 2001 and remains very supportive of the company and its future prospects. Transfield Holdings wishes Chairman Diane Smith-Gander, CEO Graeme Hunt and the rest of the Board and Management team at TSE every success with the business going forward.

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Transfield Holdings Sells its Shareholding in Campus Living Villages

Transfield Holdings is pleased to announce that it has sold its shareholding in Campus Living Villages (CLV).

Transfield Holdings took a 50% share in the student accommodation business in 2004 and acquired the remaining 50% in 2005. At this time, CLV had approximately 600 beds.

In 2007, Transfield Holdings established the Campus Living Villages Fund (the Fund) and introduced a select number of institutional investors.

Under Transfield Holdings’ management, CLV has grown its business both by acquisition and development. The Fund is now a global player in the field of on-campus student accommodation. Working closely with education partners at over 50 tertiary institutions, CLV owns, operates or is developing over 40,000 beds across Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

In June 2014, CLV Fund's other investors (comprising five of Australia’s major industry superannuation funds) acquired Transfield’s investment in CLV as well as 100% of CLFM, the manager of the fund. The management of the fund is now internalised.

The internalisation followed a strategic review by Transfield Holdings of its investment portfolio and was in line with its intended investment horizon when it first entered the student accommodation market in 2004 and sponsored the CLV Fund in early 2007.

Transfield Holdings’ Executive Director, Guido Belgiorno-Nettis said: ‘Transfield Holdings is very proud of the work it has done to develop this asset to the point that it is now a global player in the field of on-campus student accommodation. The model is strong and tested, and in the years to come we have no doubt that CLV will continue to grow and prosper.’

Commenting on the internalisation, CLFM Chairman, Walter Carpenter said: ‘The Board is delighted to have completed this transaction. It demonstrates the ongoing support and commitment of our investor base. I would like to acknowledge Transfield Holdings’ vision, support and involvement in the management of the Fund since its inception in 2007. The business has been taken from an idea to a major global provider of student accommodation. CLV is now a leader in a number of markets in which it operates.’

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About Campus Living Villages:

Transfield Holdings, Transfield Services, the Biennale of Sydney and the Transfield Foundation.

A statement by Transfield Holdings addressing inaccuracies in print and social media.

Transfield Holdings was founded in 1956 by Franco Belgiorno-Nettis, 5 years after he migrated from Italy. The company enjoyed considerable success and by the 1990s was regarded as one of the largest construction businesses in Australia. Perhaps the company's best known projects are the Sydney Harbour Tunnel and the Melbourne City Link. Transfield Holdings has always been privately owned by the Belgiorno-Nettis family.

In 2001, Transfield Holdings floated its operations and maintenance division, Transfield Services, on the Australian stock exchange for $1.65 per share*. In 2003, Transfield Holdings sold its construction business to John Holland, which is now a part of the Leighton Group. Today, Transfield Services has 27,000 shareholders, with Transfield Holdings having a stake of approximately 12%. Transfield Holdings is no longer the largest shareholder in Transfield Services and Luca and Guido Belgiorno-Nettis ceased their directorship of Transfield Services in 2012.Transfield Holdings does not have a representative on the Transfield Services board and has no influence on the business activities or decisions of the public company.

The Biennale of Sydney, the international contemporary art event, was established by Transfield Holdings in 1973. Transfield Holdings has remained its founding partner since that time. Last year the event celebrated its 40th anniversary. The Biennale of Sydney does not have any direct relationship with the public company Transfield Services – it is the private company, Transfield Holdings that has the 40-year relationship.

In 2010, Transfield Holdings and Transfield Services, seeking to create discipline around the philanthropy and community service programmes already being practiced by both companies, formed the Transfield Foundation. Through the Transfield Foundation, Transfield Holdings provides funding for two of the organisations it has traditionally supported: the Biennale of Sydney and the Australian Chamber Orchestra. Similarly, Transfield Services provides funding for Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, the Clontarf Foundation and Career Trackers: organisations it has supported.

*Transfield Services shares are trading at a price of $0.92 as of the date of this statement.


Media Enquiries

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Transfield Holdings Comment on Concerns Regarding Biennale of Sydney

Transfield Holdings has a long history as a provider of significant, high-profile public infrastructure projects and services, some of which have invited controversy.  Projects such as the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, Defence contracting and the Indonesian Bridge program have had supporters and dissenters, as people take differing views and perspectives.

The current discussion around offshore detention facilities for asylum seekers continues this history of debate.

Transfield Holdings founded the Biennale of Sydney in 1973 and has continued its support since then.  The Biennale promotes creativity and imagination, and enables artists to express their views, often on controversial issues.

Luca Belgiorno-Nettis, Executive Director of Transfield Holdings, Chairman of the Biennale of Sydney and a Trustee of the Transfield Foundation, says:

“Many Australians struggle with the problems of managing the transit of refugees to this country; this is a global challenge.  The Biennale of Sydney acts as an artistic platform for dialogue around issues such as this.”


About Transfield Holdings, Transfield Foundation and Transfield Services

Transfield Holdings is a privately owned company.  Transfield Services Limited is a separately managed publicly listed company.  Transfield Services is providing services to the Australian Government at Nauru and negotiating to provide services at Manus Island.  Transfield Holdings, while having a minority shareholding in Transfield Services, does not have any influence on its management, and Luca Belgiorno-Nettis is not a director of Transfield Services.  Transfield Holdings and Transfield Services are partners in the Transfield Foundation, which supports the Biennale of Sydney.


Guido Belgiorno-Nettis to succeed Steven Lowy as President of Art Gallery of NSW

Minister for Tourism, Major Events and the Arts, George Souris, today announced that Steven Lowy AM will retire from his position as the President of the Art Gallery of NSW at the end of this year.

Mr Lowy’s retirement comes after eight years as a Trustee of the Gallery and seven as President. Guido Belgiorno-Nettis AM, a Trustee since 2007, will succeed him as President.

Mr Souris said Mr Lowy’s decision to stand down was made to ensure a smooth transition to new leadership as the Gallery implements the next phase of its Sydney Modern Masterplan.

Mr Souris praised Mr Lowy’s tenure at the Gallery which has seen major achievements in lifting its profile as a leading cultural institution and for major events.

MR275 Media Release

Transfield Holdings appoints Nicholas James as Chief Executive Officer

Transfield Holdings is pleased to announce the appointment of Nicholas James as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

Nick has been the CFO for Transfield Holdings since starting with the company in November 2005. Over this period, Nick has been responsible for a number of successful initiatives for Transfield, including the establishment of the Campus Living Funds Management business.

Nick has a number of Board roles, including as Chairman of the Novatec Solar Shareholder Committee and a Director of Campus Living Funds Management Limited. He is also a Director of Gondwana Choirs, the national choral education program for young people.

Luca and Guido Belgiorno-Nettis will continue as Executive Directors.

Media Enquiries
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Roy McKelvie Steps Down as CEO

Transfield Holdings advises that Mr. Roy McKelvie has stepped down as the company’s CEO. Roy continues as a Director of Transfield Services and is also working on specific initiatives for Novatec Solar.

During Roy's tenure as CEO, the strategic growth options for the company were reviewed, and it was agreed that Roy would retire as the CEO.

Luca and Guido Belgiorno-Nettis continue as Executive Directors of the company, with Nicholas James as the CFO.

Media Enquiries
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Transfield Foundation Backs Resources Management Innovators

Sydney – To coincide with its second anniversary the Transfield Foundation, created by Transfield Holdings and Transfield Services to expand both companies' longstanding philanthropic activities, today announced five new grants under its Innovation in Resources Management (IRM) funding priority. IRM grants build on Transfield’s engineering heritage and its investments in renewable energy infrastructure and focus on research efforts that provide practical solutions to long term, environmental and economic problems.

The five new research grants support early stage career researchers from leading Australia universities for one year, with the option of a second year of funding.

MR275 News Release

Novatec Solar’s Australian Fuel-Saver Commences Operation

Karlsruhe, Germany – Novatec’s solar boiler has commenced operations at the Liddell Power Station in New South Wales, Australia. The solar boiler acts as a fuel-saver by feeding steam into the existing coal fired power station and reducing the coal required to operate the facility. The Liddell Power Station is owned by Australian utility, Macquarie Generation.

The 9.3MWth solar boiler is based on Novatec Solar’s Fresnel collector technology and has a total mirror surface of 18,500m2 – the size of almost three football fields. The replacement of coal by the solar boiler will cut greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 5,000 tonnes per annum.

“The integration of our Fresnel technology into existing coal and gas fired power stations helps our customers to increase plant output while lowering emissions,” said Nicholas James, Chairman of the Shareholder Committee of Novatec Solar.

News Release

Novatec Solar appoints Andreas Wittke as CEO

Karlsruhe, 17th October 2012 – The Chairman of Novatec Solar’s Shareholder Committee, Nicholas James, has announced the appointment of Andreas Wittke as Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Management Board. Mr. Wittke will take over the role from departing CEO Dr. Christoph Wolff.

Andreas Wittke has many years experience in the energy and power generation industry which he gained in his time working for the German Babcock Group and NEM (NL). In 2006 he joined Alstom’s Management Board in Germany as Vice President Global Power Sales for Germany and Central Europe. In 2008 Mr. Wittke was appointed Alstom’s Country President in Germany. He has studied mechanical engineering (power plant and process engineering) at the University of Essen.

“We are very pleased to welcome Andreas to Novatec Solar,” said Nicholas James, Chairman of the Shareholder Committee of Novatec Solar. “I am confident his background and experience in the international power generation market will add significant value to Novatec Solar’s strategy.”

MR275 News Release

World’s Largest Linear Fresnel Solar Power Station Commences Operation

Calasparra, Spain – Puerto Errado 2 (PE2), the 30MW solar thermal power station built by Novatec Solar using its proprietary solar field technology, has been completed and is in operation. PE2’s solar boiler includes a mirror surface of 302,000m2 making it the world’s largest operational solar thermal power station based on linear Fresnel collector technology.

PE2’s 30MW electrical output is generated exclusively by solar power and will produce approximately 50 million kW hours of electricity per year. Annually, this equates to a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of over 16,000 metric tonnes and enough clean energy to power 12,000 Spanish households.

Novatec Solar was the EPC contractor for the project and was responsible for the construction and commissioning of PE2. The Spanish UTE Errado PE2, a TSK and OHL joint venture, built the balance of plant.

MR275 News Release

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