The Perth Concert Hall, designed by Howlett and Bailey Architects and built by SABEMO (a subsidiary of Transfield Construction) in 1973, has won the National institute of Architects National Award for Enduring Architecture. In awarding the prize, the Institute commented:

This category presented a challenge, not just because of the high standards of the entries. The decision involved weighing the question: what qualities does a truly "enduring" building need to have? The Perth Concert Hall of 1973, designed in the Brutalist style, was chosen for the uncompromising strength of its original conception "What appears to be quite a simple white off-form concrete post and beam construction is, upon closer inspection, understood as being completely innovative for 1973," hung from itself, creating enormous free spans and all from one beautifully poured material. Acoustically, the main auditorium hall is considered one of the best in Australia."

In February 2015 Transfield Holdings served Transfield Services (TSE) a notice of termination of the right to use the name 'Transfield' and the 'T' logo. Both trademarks had been licenced for use from Holdings since TSE's listing in 2001. Under the terms of the license, TSE has 12 months to change the name and logo, and have advised that they would seek the approval of shareholders for a new name at their Annual General Meeting in October 2015.

2015 marks a significant change in direction for Transfield Holdings. Since its inception in 1956, the company has been the exclusive active business investment vehicle for the Belgiorno-Nettis family. Today, Luca and Guido Belgiorno-Nettis announce that they have decided to manage their business interests differently: Transfield Holdings will be just one of the vehicles for their respective investment activities in the future.

This decision has been informed by broader family succession planning considerations, as well as the increase in liquidity following Transfield Holdings’ exit from a number of mature businesses.

Transfield Holdings today sold all of its 11.3% holding in Transfield Services (ASX: TSE). At the same time, 0.4% of TSE which was owned by the Belgiorno-Nettis family and associated holdings was also sold. These sales were transacted by way of an underwritten sale to a range of institutional investors.

This decision was taken following a strategic review of Transfield Holdings’ current investment portfolio and is in line with objectives to increase diversification and liquidity.

Transfield Holdings is pleased to announce that it has sold its shareholding in Campus Living Villages (CLV).

Transfield Holdings took a 50% share in the student accommodation business in 2004 and acquired the remaining 50% in 2005. At this time, CLV had approximately 600 beds.

In 2007, Transfield Holdings established the Campus Living Villages Fund (the Fund) and introduced a select number of institutional investors.

A statement by Transfield Holdings addressing inaccuracies in print and social media.

Transfield Holdings was founded in 1956 by Franco Belgiorno-Nettis, 5 years after he migrated from Italy. The company enjoyed considerable success and by the 1990s was regarded as one of the largest construction businesses in Australia. Perhaps the company's best known projects are the Sydney Harbour Tunnel and the Melbourne City Link. Transfield Holdings has always been privately owned by the Belgiorno-Nettis family.

Transfield Holdings has a long history as a provider of significant, high-profile public infrastructure projects and services, some of which have invited controversy.  Projects such as the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, Defence contracting and the Indonesian Bridge program have had supporters and dissenters, as people take differing views and perspectives.

The current discussion around offshore detention facilities for asylum seekers continues this history of debate.

Minister for Tourism, Major Events and the Arts, George Souris, today announced that Steven Lowy AM will retire from his position as the President of the Art Gallery of NSW at the end of this year.

Mr Lowy’s retirement comes after eight years as a Trustee of the Gallery and seven as President. Guido Belgiorno-Nettis AM, a Trustee since 2007, will succeed him as President.

Transfield Holdings is pleased to announce the appointment of Nicholas James as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

Nick has been the CFO for Transfield Holdings since starting with the company in November 2005. Over this period, Nick has been responsible for a number of successful initiatives for Transfield, including the establishment of the Campus Living Funds Management business.