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Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME)


AIME provides an out-of-school mentoring program for Indigenous secondary students who work with trained mentors selected from the mainstream university student population. Both mentors and mentees participate in development programs conducted in school based learning centres established as satellites from participating universities.

Established in 2005 this organisation the program currently caters for 1,000 secondary students across 7 universities (NSW, Victoria and Qld) with plans to grow this to 6,000 students nationally. AIME has 25 staff, and 100 mentors for every 160 young people at each site.

"The support of the Transfield Foundation allows AIME (the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience) to support more Indigenous kids to complete high school at the same rates as all Australians.

Multi-year funding allows us to plan for the future and also shows that the commitment of the Transfield Foundation to Indigenous Australian is long term."

Jack Manning Bancroft, Chief Executive Officer.

AIME film. Source: AIMEMENTORING (YouTube).

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The Transfield Foundation, a partnership between Transfield Services and Transfield Holdings, established in 2010 and concluded in 2015, had objectives in three prioritised areas.


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