Novatec Solar

Novatec has successfully designed and commissioned a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) system based on Linear Fresnel technology. Transfield Holdings invested in 2007 and took Novatec from a start-up company to a commercial provider of solar thermal technology.

In 2009 Novatec connected its 1.4MW demonstration plant to the national electricity grid in Puerto Errado Murcia, Spain (PE1) and its Nova-1 product won the Industry Prize at the Hannover Fair. In 2010 construction began on a 30MW plant (PE2), the world’s first utility-scale CSP plant based on Linear Fresnel technology, in the same location. Later that year, Novatec won a contract to build a 9MW coal fuel saver in Liddell, New South Wales.

In March 2011 Transfield Holdings introduced ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, as a minority investor in Novatec.

In 2012 PE2 commenced operation and the Liddell project both achieved practical completion.