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Indigenous university students can face hardships throughout their studies. This leads to poor academic engagement, higher dropout rates and lower self-confidence. CareerTrackers and the Transfield Foundation have established a partnership to develop a hardship account to support CareerTrackers students in times of short-term financial hardship.

The account will be available to students to assist them in overcoming times of financial duress. The intended outcomes include increased university retention, improved academic results and successful transition into professional employment.

CareerTrackers Indigenous Internship Program is a national not-for-profit organisation that creates private sector career opportunities for Indigenous university students. Students are taken through a consultation process that helps them identify their career pathway of choice and then seeks private sector employers willing to offer students paid internships, mentoring and skill development. Once students are confirmed in an internship, CareerTrackers provides ongoing leadership training, academic advising and community support.

"Invest in our Careers!". Source: CareerTrackers (YouTube).

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The Transfield Foundation, a partnership between Transfield Services and Transfield Holdings, established in 2010 and concluded in 2015, had objectives in three prioritised areas.


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